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April 15 2011


Making Your Wedding Day A Happily Ever After To Remember

Every bride has the image in her heart of what a perfect wedding day would entail. From the flowers to the cake to the dresses, everything must be picture perfect. It can be difficult to make this dream wedding happen, but not impossible. Here are a few tips on how to make your wedding day an event that you and your future spouse will never forget.

Let's start at the very beginning. A wonderful place to look for ideas in planning a fairy tale wedding is fairy tales! They can be a wonderful source of theme ideas, colors and special touches that you want to use to make your day special. Looking at Disney wedding invitations will give you some beautiful and unique ideas on how to turn yourself into a real princess for the day. Think about what appeals to you from these movies, and model your style of dresses after what the films feature.

It is the little extras that will turn your wedding into a memorable fairy tale. A horse drawn carriage, bubbles and the right music will set the tone for the day. The cake is also a very important part of setting the stage for your big day. You will want to choose a cake that is reflective of the theme. Think of castle themed cakes or dainty little princess style cupcakes sprinkled with fairy dust to draw your guests into the idea of a fairy tale wedding.

Get creative with other areas too. Maybe instead of throwing a bouquet to the single ladies, you could see who fits in your "glass slipper." Photo booths with costumes for guests to dress up like their own prince and princess can be a lot of fun. If you are a princess at heart, then get creative with this. Cute centerpieces for your tables could be the pumpkin carriage from Cinderella, the rose from Beauty and the Beast, or a hand mirror from a variety of Disney tales. A wonderful favor for your guests could be a donation to Make-A-Wish or another organization that would send a child to Disney World. You could write the information on a beautiful scroll so that it looked very princess like.

This day will be all that you put into it. If you have dreamed of being a princess forever, this is the day to do it. The only thing you will have to worry about is slowing down and enjoying the day that you have put so much work into creating.

March 14 2011


Make Wedding Invitations Sparkle With Your Personality

We're all too familiar with traditional wedding invitations. Neutral-colored paper, curvy script and ribbon decorate most nuptial invites. But there are a few ways to make yours shine with the glowing personality that captivated your significant other.

First, tackle the color of the paper. If you're a bright, vivacious bride, why settle for a monochromatic hue? Catch your guests' attention with a splash of melon, turquoise or eggplant. Especially if you're planning a tropical or garden locale for your big day, look to flowers for color suggestions. Seeing a pop of color emerge from that envelope will be sure let your guests know this won't be a run-of-the-mill celebration.

Next, consider the letters. So your wedding is going to be an off-the-beaten-path, elegant/country affair? Why invite friends and family with ho-hum Times New Roman or Verdana? The world is full of fanciful fonts that can portray the proper personality of your celebration.

Once you've jazzed up your typeface, it's time to think over the actual wording of your unique wedding invitations. Instead of just including the names of your parents and the location and time of the wedding, think of ways you can engage your guests. Tell your love story. Include a photo from your engagement. Write the invitation as a play, a recipe, or a classified ad in the newspaper. Make your guest the target of a "wanted" poster.

Or if you really want to make your wedding invitations unique, tell the story through a photo slideshow. Draw the date and time in the sand for a beach wedding. Write it on a chalkboard if the couple met at school. Have a child write it in crayon. Spell it out with building blocks, cake icing or snippets from magazines. Arrange the photos like a bouquet or a strip of pictures from a photo booth.

And finally, examine your embellishment. Ribbon, lace and rhinestones are great for traditional invitations. But for unique wedding invitations, look around you for inspiration. Did you meet your beloved in a band? Perhaps a guitar pick would personalize your invites! Craft twine, pressed flowers, ink stamps and embossing labels offer endless varieties and colors that can spice up your invitations in a snap.

Craft stores are great resources for ideas, but so are vintage shops and consignment stores. The latter may be cheaper, too!

February 18 2011


The Bride Wore White, The Wedding Was Green

Your wedding should be an expression of who you and your fiance are, which means that it should reflect that values you hold close. These can include your religion, an enjoyment of French food, and being environmentally friendly. While a generation or two ago brides had to make a choice between the wedding of their dreams and being environmental responsible, today's brides and grooms can enjoy a full range of chic, elegant, funky, and fun yet still "green" weddings.

Your first step while planning a wedding is to send out save the date cards. Use stationery made from recycled paper for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional stationery. Your guests will never know that the elegant and refined save the date note that they receive is also an eco-friendly one. Use recycled wedding invitations and and thank you notes as well.

Centerpieces are another easy way to make your wedding more green. Instead of using cut flowers, which are cut from the ground and will wilt in a few days, try a more environmentally responsible alternative. Work with a florist to find flowers that are potted in attractive containers. These can be wonderful centerpieces as well as gifts that your guests can take home with them.

You can eschew flowers altogether, as well. Try balloons, fruit centerpieces, or fill a glass vase with chocolate candies in your wedding colors. Adventurous couples can even use tiny evergreens as their wedding centerpieces. Put the tree in a decorate pot for an elegant centerpiece. The opportunities to put your unique stamp on your wedding are unlimited!

Planning a candlelit wedding reception? Instead of traditional tapers, try out beeswax candles. They come in every color imaginable, and their unique texture makes them a fun addition to your wedding reception tables. These also make great favors to give to your wedding guests at the end of the night.

When planning the wedding, you can enjoy both gourmet as well as earth friendly options. Work with your caterer to design a menu that includes organic and local foods. Look to your wedding location for inspiration. If you are in Maine in the summer it could be a delicious meal of fresh salmon and a dessert featuring the blueberries that the area is famous for. In the South, though, your wedding meal could include dishes that showcase Georgia peaches.

Needless to say, there are many options available that can help couple "go green" with their weddings.

January 25 2011


Popular Design Themes for Contemporary Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations today are very ornate and often times expensive looking. Some couples choose to have their wedding invitations hand written by a calligrapher, which can easily become costly. Some of the most contemporary designs, however, are the simplest ones. Here is a look at some of the most popular design themes for contemporary wedding invitations.

Black and White
Having stark white invitations with a rich, glossy black design or lettering is very attractive. It is simple, yet, very elegant at the same time. This is the most popular contemporary design for couples that are working on a budget. This is because this design of wedding invitation can be printed off any computer. The black designs are often leaves, a Fleur-de-lis design, or sometimes polka dots or swirls. When it comes to using a black and white theme, the design used is not always as important as making sure that the paper and the ink are brightly contrasted.

Doves have long been the symbol of love. This is why white, silver or sometimes even embossed doves on contemporary wedding invitations have become so popular. It is hard not to think of love when you see two doves on the front of a card. In most cases, the doves are often beak to beak, as if they are kissing.

Overlapping Hearts
The overlapping heart design is a popular contemporary design that has been around a long while. It is simple, therefore, less expensive. Many couples like this symbol because it is easy to tie into any theme that the couple may choose later to incorporate into their wedding reception. This is one of those deigns that is chosen often in haste when being made to make a decision immediately. This is not to say that the couples have not been pleased with their decision, it is simply a simple one that most wish that they had elaborated on.

Daisies are a very friendly flower; this is why many people choose them as their design on their wedding invitations. Most commonly, people that started their relationship out as friends and then had a blossoming relationship use this design for their contemporary wedding invitations to show how things grew from one to the other.

No matter the design that you choose or your wedding invitation, make sure it is something special to you. A suiting wedding invitation is one that you are most pleased with.

January 20 2011


Strike A Chic Tone With Modern Wedding Invitations

Your wedding is all about you and your fiance, and it is likely to be one of the most memorable days of both of your lives. For chic and modern brides, a modern style wedding is a great way to express your style, so that your wedding is a reflection of you and your new husband's tastes, preferences and personalities. The first inkling that your guests will have of what you have planned for your special day is through your wedding invitations. Since this is the first impression they will have, it is important to design modern wedding invitations to reflect your modern style wedding. Here are some tips how:

Modern Is Never Fussy

Skip the invitation templates that use fussy flowers, cooing doves or cloying hearts. Modern wedding invitations are chic in their sleek, minimalist design. When designing your invitation, make use of simple silhouettes and design elements. Abstract shapes made from sharp and clean lines, such as Art Deco style swirls, cubist squares, modern circles and stylized initials can all be embossed into the background of your wedding invitation for an elegant, yet modern, effect. These design elements also can be printed on your invitation for a sharper visual focus.

Color Can Be Modern

Creating a modern wedding invitation does not mean that you must limit yourself to shades of white and black ink. While that is one option, you also can use color to design a beautifully modern wedding invitation. If you choose to include pastels, limit yourself to a single pale shade of pink, blue, peach, yellow, green or another color, along with cream or white, lest your modern wedding invitation devolve into a mess resembling an Easter egg. Monochrome shades of a single color, such as a pale purple swirl, accented in medium purple with dark purple print can be modern and unique at the same time. Deep shades of saturated color, such as teal, purple and deep green can be used to great effect. Be careful though, as too much color will overwhelm your invitation. The very definition of modern is also minimalist, so remember that old maxim, "less is more," as you design your wedding invitation.

If all else fails, remember that the most modern invitations are often those that are the least crowded. Try out a cream invitation with heavy black print. Keep it modern by using an interesting font instead of standard Times New Roman.

December 13 2010


Timing Etiquette for Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination weddings are a bit more complicated when it comes to details for guests who might be attending the event. Brides and grooms must be mindful of the many details that are important to guests, so they have the right information to be able to determine if they will be able to attend the wedding. Guests should be informed of the location, the place, especially if air traveling is required, some general information on what is expected, climate, and other topics - just to give an idea to guests on how to pack and dress.

Amongst the several issues of a destination wedding, there is the issue of timing the invitations. Since this is not a local wedding, the bride and groom must leave enough time for people to respond, as well as for them to plan their trip - making necessary arrangements at home, selecting attire, making pet arrangements and any other personal issues that guests might have.

The invitations should be very clear in letting guests know where the wedding and reception will be, if these are separate events, and if they will be at separate far away locations. Many times, a wedding would be a private ceremony in a far destination, but the reception would be back at home, when the couple returns. Not clarifying this would cause confusion for the guests, who might respond that they are not attending thinking that the wedding and reception would be at the same location and same day.

Another important issue is the one of sending "save the date" cards ahead of time, so guests know and prepare for the day. Save the date cards are especially important for destination weddings. Most brides send these about four to six months in advance, however, depending on how far the destination is, brides can allocate more time - up to 12 months if needed. It is recommended that information on the location is sent out with the save the date cards, so guests can start preparing immediately, if they are planning to attend.

Traditional wedding invitations are sent six to eight weeks prior to the wedding, and the RSVP cards response date is set about four to five weeks before the wedding. However, for destination wedding invitations, the timelines must be earlier to give the bride enough time to finalize the details and communicate them abroad, at least four to six months ahead of time. This depends, especially if the bride already sent out save the date cards. If not, then the invitations will take the place of those and have to be sent out earlier.

An important note is that printers can take up to eight weeks to deliver the product to the bride. For a destination wedding, the bride will have to order her invitations in advance - at least the previous year, depending on when she is planning to send out the save the date cards and the invitations, which are usually obtained from the same professional printer.
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